Our volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of our organization. Without them, our success as a community organization would not be possible. Thanks to their generosity and their involvement in many tasks, we are able to offer a most pleasant environment for our members. We are constantly looking for new talent to enhance our team of volunteers. If you wish to share your free time or have a desire to do a good deed in your community, do not hesitate to join our team!

Be part of the difference and contribute to the development of our community.


Ways to be involved

Do you have a passion to share or skills that you want to pass on? Being part of the volunteer team will allow you to socialize and to use your skills and creativity. At Amitié Soleil, the tasks are very diverse, you could :

  • Put up posters
  • Help keep our spaces clean and tidy
  • Showcase your craft skills
  • Purchase and transport goods
  • Etc.

We are looking for versatile and handy people to join our team!

Join our team of volunteers

Please fill out the registration form below so that we can assess your fit with us. Enter your first name, last name, email, and phone number.

In addition, so that we can learn more about you, please also submit a letter that tells us who you are and why you would like to join our community organization. We look forward to meeting you!