Outings and events

Outings and events for all tastes!

Amitié Soleil offers a wide range of activities that are sure to please young and old alike. Our activities are organized in a spirit of community with the support of our members and staff. The ultimate goal is always to foster human contact in an environment of sharing and fun!


Dream trip

Amitié Soleil has the privilege of being an organization selected by Air Canada volunteers to offer a few children a dream trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.


We want the events we offer to be affordable so that families can go out more frequently.

Our special events offer the opportunity to have a great time with the family and take a vacation. It is in fact a moment of rest and relaxation for all. These events promote the opening and discovery of activity sites in Montreal and the surrounding area at a modest price. They contribute to the social integration of families.

Here are a few examples of activities:

  • The Little Burgundy Festival
  • The Victories Gala
  • Nutrition Month
  • Hot chocolate distribution on Chatham Street
  • Outings to listen to Orchestre Symphonique de l’Isle
  • Visits to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Citizen participation

We want to encourage families’ involvement and commitment in their community. This participation makes them aware of the Little Burgundy and Griffinstown neighborhood’s community organizations which are active in the area and raise awareness of current issues in.

For example, the Annual General Meeting, the United Way Walk, the Walk for Education, the Victories Gala, the Burgundy Trail, are events in which we encourage families to participate. Thus, by participating in the community life of the neighborhood, we allow families to better understand their environment and how it works. Quickly, a sense of belonging is created and families feel the desire to become more involved in the community.

Pot Luck and community meals

Pot Lucks are held throughout the year to celebrate various traditions, festivals, and events. The exchanges are magical and memorable when people share food typical of their native countries. Community meals are held once a month and are an opportunity to come together in a place of belonging and trust. These community meals improve social integration, encourage the development of a social network and the learning of the French language through informal group practice. It is also an opportunity to exchange with family and friends and to share enriching experiences. It is in a friendly atmosphere that these community meals are offered every last Wednesday of the month.