Parental support

Our involvement with parents

Parenting support workshops help break isolation, share with other parents, and provide a place to listen, trust and respite. In addition, parents can spend time with their children to get closer together while having access to pedagogical and educational materials that stimulate the development of their children.


Contact, le plaisir des livres

A dynamic and passionate animator of the “Contact, le plaisir des livres,” a program from La Bibliothèque du Grand Montréal animates reading periods in the Parents-Kids workshop.

The animator also loans backpacks filled with family books. An activity that fascinates young and old by stimulating their imagination, creativity, and knowledge through the different books that the library offers.

Story Time – Une petite histoire dans la langue de mon pays

To learn French better, some studies show that children must first know their parents’ language of origin. The activity encourages parents to read to their children.

Through this activity, parents and children who participate in the workshops are made aware of cultural diversity. This workshop is a testament to the richness of our community and allows us to learn more about the origins of each of our members.

Through this activity, the storytelling parents gain confidence. They are proud to show us a book in the language of their country and to share a piece of history with us. So far, stories have been told in French, English, Bengali, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.


Nobody's perfect

Nobody’s Perfect is a community-based parenting enrichment program delivered by facilitators to parents of children up to the age of five. It is designed to meet the needs of parents who are young, single parents, socially or geographically isolated, with little education or low income.

School support

The school accompaniment program allows all participating parents to be better informed about their children’s school progress and school events thanks to the notes and explanations in their child’s agenda.

Each child benefits from personalized help according to his or her needs and academic level. 

By participating in the school support workshops, parents find a warm place to create bonds and have the opportunity to develop a network of friends who offer mutual aid and sharing.


Parent-child workshops

Participating in Parent-Child Workshops helps to break isolation, get to know other parents, and access a place where parents can listen, trust and take a break. In addition, discussions are held on various topics related to the school system, nutrition, the health system and child development.

Cooking workshops

We offer 10 cooking workshops for parents with children from 0 to 5 years old.

Thanks to these workshops, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to cook recipes for healthy and economical meals
  • Develop an interest in healthy eating
  • Develop an interest in healthy food and nutrition

Breakfast Chats

The Breakfast Chats sessions are open to all and are at the heart of Amitié Soleil. What could be better than sharing breakfast together? Everyone contributes in their own way in a spirit of exchange and sharing. The topics are chosen are on themes related to early childhood.

Prenatal OLO Group | Postnatal Eat Well, Grow Well Group

These workshops support parents and promote the sharing of their concerns with specialists. Parents thus get answers to their questions and information on the services offered by the CLSC and community organizations.

OLO Group

These pre-delivery workshops also aim to inform expectant mothers about nutrition during pregnancy.

Eating Well, Growing Well Postnatal Group

These workshops are designed to improve nutrition after pregnancy and to share new parents’ concerns about their child with specialists.


A discussion group for immigrant mothers

For immigrant women, it can sometimes be difficult to find their bearings in a world of change. This is why Amitié Soleil offers a discussion group workshop for immigrant mothers.

These workshops aim to promote the integration of immigrant women in Quebec by encouraging discussion, sharing, and listening.

The themes are chosen by mothers.