Our involvment with adults

At Amitié Soleil, we offer many support services within the community.

In addition to helping children and families, we encourage the acquisition of knowledge and skills through various workshops such as painting, sewing, francization workshops, and meetings on healthy lifestyle habits. We encourage citizen involvement in the community.



Oil painting workshops are held once a week.

Oil painting workshops are held once a week. During these workshops, participants learn the basic techniques of oil painting. Outings to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are organized to broaden participants’ knowledge of painters and art.


Sewing workshops take place once a week.

During this activity, participants learn basic sewing techniques. They can make children’s clothing or other personal projects. We believe that freedom of expression in creation fuels the artistic spirit. Members discover new passions and these workshops promote socialization, the development of self-esteem, and confidence in our creative capacity.



Francization workshops are held twice a week.

Their purpose is to allow participants to become familiar with the French language and to begin interacting in French in their Montreal environment.


The program has two levels. The first level leads participants to learn the basic notions of the language. An introduction to Quebec culture is presented.


The second level allows participants to deepen their knowledge of the language and, above all, thanks to the notions acquired, to discuss current topics in French.


These workshops encourage the creation of friendships. Mutual aid networks are formed in a climate of relaxation and trust.

Healthy lifestyle habits

Once a week, a volunteer nurse offers individual health information and follow-up meetings for members of the organization. These meetings deal with all aspects of general health.

  • Blood pressure, nutrition counseling, physical exercise, stress management, supportive listening, and referrals.

It is important to have healthy lifestyle habits to allow us to grow old in good health. Thanks to the nurse, the members of our community are sensitized to, and aware of the importance of adopting good lifestyle habits.