Amitié Soleil and the community

Amitié Soleil works in close collaboration with the Coalition de la Petite-Bourgogne / Table de Concertation Quartier en santé, the Table de Concertation Petite Enfance Famille de Saint-Henri et Petite-Bourgogne, community organizations, CPE daycare centers, École De la Petite-Bourgogne and various institutions. We sit on various boards of directors, action committees and projects in the district in order to pursue together the process of reflection on the issues and needs of the community in relation to the various action plans developed in consultation. We could not do it without the precious help of families of the South-Ouest!



Partners and concertation

Amitié Soleil works in partnership and consultation with the Coalition de la Petite Bourgogne / Quartier en Santé and the Table de concertation petite enfance-famille de Saint-Henri et Petite-Bourgogne and their partners.