About Amitié Soleil family organization

Our History

On a beautiful spring day in 1973, an idea was born. Michel Gauvreau and Céline Lafortune had been dreaming for some time: to reunite a few families for a trip during the summer holidays. It was a dream come true, and the few families of the time packed their bags and headed for the Gaspé Peninsula to live a memorable adventure under a radiant SUN. During this trip, the families develop strong bonds of FRIENDSHIP. They, therefore, decided to pursue various activities for the benefit of many other families. The “NEIGE et SOLEIL” project allowed families to enjoy a series of weekends in the country. It wasn’t until the summer of 1974, one year later, that the group of about thirty families decided to call themselves AMITIÉ SOLEIL (french for Friendship Sun) and to continue their involvement in the community to create the first family camps. In the fall of 1974, AMITIÉ SOLEIL was able to host its first educational and socio-cultural activities in premises located at 1900 Notre-Dame Street West. Finally, in 1975, AMITIÉ SOLEIL obtained its charter and officially became an incorporated non-profit organization.


Mrs. Germaine Saint-Louis joined the organization to take on its leadership. She was supported by many people committed to the families of the Sud-Ouest and Verdun who, for many years, contributed to building the history of Amitié Soleil. In April 2007, she passed away. We have lost a person of enormous heart. Today Mrs. Linda Girard is the director of the organization to ensure its continuity and development in collaboration with the Board of Directors and staff.


Our mission

To provide families with a place which they identify with a place to live and a place for respite, to enable them to improve their quality of life and break their isolation. Amitie Soleil supports families in their efforts to integrate socially, develop personally and become more independent.

Our values

Our community organization could not be so successful without the dedication and involvement of our members. Here are the core values that define our roots as an organization.


Together, let’s enrich our differences. At Amitié Soleil, our open-mindedness is based on this beautiful thought.


We consider each member of our organization to be an added value within our community. All are equally important to each other. Each one shines through his or her authenticity and history.


Support each other and build quality interpersonal relationships while helping each other as needed.


Amitié Soleil has existed for over 45 years. Its longevity is due to the constant primary essence of its creation:  a community organization of families allowing exchanges between human beings.


We want our members to feel comfortable in our community and that everyone can develop their autonomy in order to feel fulfilled and accomplished in society.

President: Myriam Cimino | Vice President: Muriel Hoine | Treasurer: Nafija Rahman | Directors: Natalie Kishchuk, Juliette Quantin, Annie Vidal, Mireille Voyer image

Our Board of Directors


Our team

We ensure the success of Amitié Soleil with the passionate work of our multidisciplinary team as well as several volunteers who come to lend us a hand in the administration of certain tasks. Their creativity and community spirit allow us to offer the families of our community a place where it is good to live and where everyone is very warmheated. Amitié Soleil is composed of a unique team. Diversity is definitely at the heart of our organization and it is important to us that each member can use his or her personal skills in our different spheres of activity. Having a team of professional workers involved and committed to community life definitely makes a positive difference within our organization.